How to Stay Motivated as a Creative Entrepreneur.

No one said having or starting a business of your own would be an easy accomplishment. I’ve always known that this would be a challenging endeavor, and after putting my feelers out to other creatives, I now know how common it is to become unmotivated, or simply just run out of gas when trying to be successful in your business.

I’m here to say, keep on keeping on!

Ways to stay motivated

1. Join Facebook groups. I recently participated in a webinar with the fabulous and wonderful Regina of and she came up with the idea to also have a Facebook group linked to the webinar. What a great idea this was, now I have an outlet where I can participate and interact with other infopreneurs. This also led me to branch out to other Facebook groups of the same sort. Having a forum like this leaves a great space for you to give as well as receive encouragement to keep strong throughout your journey. Whenever I’m feeling like I’m going to fall off, or feel stuck and don’t know what I’m doing, I just checked the groups out and BOOM! Instant inspiration.

2. Write yourself a reminder. Write a list of reasons why. Why did you get started? Why do you love what you do? Why should you continue? Complete your list while you still have that fire, and break it out when you’re feeling low. Dear Future Self… KEEP IT MOVING.

3. Jam out. Music is not only good for mood adjusting but it’s a great motivator. Make a playlist of your favorite feel good hits and allow the groove to take you over. I’m currently addicted to Spotify. I turn it on as I work and depending on what I’m listening to, I use the music to not only keep track of time (how long is your playlist?) but to push time forward. Long days be gone!

4. Take a break. It’s good to get in the zone, but you may be pushing yourself just a tad bit too hard. Relax girlfriend. Step away from the work every once in a while. Come back later, ready to go.

You are deserving.


What do you think?

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