Saturday morning I found myself headed for our Nation’s Capital for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. #Justiceorelse or what I would like to call a beautiful day with beautiful people.  

2015-10-10 13.15.01

When it comes to powerful speeches concerning the things that really matter, old and new information, inspiration and encouragement, Minister Louis Farrakhan is always a winner.

Men, women, and children from all over flocked to the National Mall to hear the trumpet or “the wake up call”.  It is no secret that there is a monumental amount of work to be done in all of our communities. No matter what color you are, there are problems that need to be addressed. Those who are brave enough, need to get involved. There is so much suffering taking place all over the world and to ignore that would be foolish. In the United states we are battling against police brutality and there’s been no let up. In attendance were the families of those who have lost loved ones to the hands of the police, including the family of Sandra Bland. It was amazing to have literally hundreds of people SAY HER NAME.


Sandra Bland


On the ride home I began to think about how great it was to see so many celebrities and popular folks in attendance. For a moment I actually thought I caught a glimpse of our President Barack Obama on the big screen. I later found, I had been mistaken. Aside from his image being splashed across tote bags being sold by various vendors, our president was nowhere to be found at an event happening right in his backyard.

Aside from Facebook and Instagram memes, I am saddened to say there had been no news coverage for such an epic event. Hundreds of folks from all over came together in the name of UNITY and I suppose this message was just too positive for television. It is an absolute shame that even television networks that are supposed to represent people of color, such as BET could not even mention that such a historical event was taking place. Not a peep, not a word. It’s hurtful to think of the awful things that had been said leading up to such an event. I was told numerous times in various ways that I would be walking into a death trap. I still breathe. A friend turned to me during the gathering to express her surprise in how few had come for such an event, and the truth is people are afraid. It’s a foreign concept for some to stand up for what they know is right despite fear. What alarms me is the disproportion in women vs men in attendance at events such as this.

Where were the men?

It’s okay to come out, we don’t bite.

Just before the end of the event the Minister gave out some very valuable instructions in 2015-10-10 15.57.26 HDRwhich I personally plan to follow to the best of my ability. Let’s put the money back into the hands of the little man. Seeing as I am a self-made “little man” on the rise, I’m in full agreement. 

I made a statement on Facebook the day following the march, just in case you missed it.

“After coming back from the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, I feel really refreshed.
I feel encouraged to be a better person in my own life, and be encouragement to those in it. There is work to be done in our communities. I have a lot I want to share in the future but overall I just wanted to tell you it was truly an awesome experience being out there yesterday.
Of course the news reports will try to taint such a thing, or try to downplay the situation but that’s why it’s the job of those who were actually there to share just how beautiful it was to be there.”

In closing, considering this event was not sponsored by any major company, brand, or happy dancing unicorns, if you can donate a 1$ to the cause, please visit Justiceorelse.com and give what you can.



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