Empower Your Sister; Empower Yourself.

Being a woman on the grind in 2015 has been far from easy.

We live in a culture that says we must be selfish in order to become successful. We also live in a culture that encourages us to not stand up for our fellow woman also on her grind; some of us even go as far as stepping on her to get to the top. Simple daily words of positivity can make such a difference, empower your sister to be great, to be her absolute best. We’re all simply just trying to make it so why not encourage one another?

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1. Encourage your sister because she needs it. It is tough out there, and the competition is fierce. Think about your worst day, and think about how much better that day could have been if only you had a shoulder to lean on. Be that shoulder for someone who needs it. Many times we would rather watch a person drown, crackle and crumble under the pressures of life than to be that life saver or safety net. Ask yourself why. I’ll be the first to tell you, it stems from envy, or jealousy. I’ll tell you something else, it is possible to be that voice of empowerment even to your worst enemy (may she be her best self when you win). Everyone needs reassurance from time to time, it’s free and it doesn’t bite. Try giving a compliment.

2. Encourage your sister because you need it. Words of kindness and positivity not only can be good for those in which you speak to, but can also be good for you. When you do good, you feel good. We all know how contagious negativity can be, and although positivity takes a little longer; the more you continue to spread positivity, the more natural it will be. When those you have uplifted are thinking positive and feeling confident, it rubs off on all those surrounding them. When we are feeling positive, we are better in the work we do. Get out there and share that positive energy!

3. Encourage your sister because the team needs it. How many more years are we going to spend having the same conversation? Women have been stabbing at the backs of other women for centuries. I think it’s time for a change. Sexism is alive and spreading like wildfire because women are not sticking together and standing in support of one another the way we always should have. Let’s be leaders and teach those around us a new way to do things. Let’s teach the younger generations to be kind and to stick together when it counts. Let us not be jealous of our sister, but be proud of her. Let us uplift our female hustlers and uplift ourselves in the process.

Before you know it, we’ve created a new culture.


What do you think?

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