Creation Story: Tobi Beech Bag

This will be the first of many creation stories to come.

I find that with every piece of art I encounter, I’m always wondering what the artist may have been experiencing at the time. Perhaps they were going through something and I always want myself curious as to the story behind their creations. Although it may not always be so obvious but I am an artist (and I’m sensitive about my shit). I want to share my creation stories no matter how small or silly because I believe when you walk away with my creations, I’ll be with you as well.IMG_0158

The name of this bag actually came from a show I was binging on through Amazon Prime called OZ. Yes, it is a prison show and has absolutely nothing to do with the Wizard of OZ. I’m not going to lie, I was low-key really disappointed once I figured that out. I ended up really enjoying the show and watched every season until the end. The show covered a wide range of characters but I think it’s safe to say the main character of the show was Tobias Beecher (get it?). We really get to watch his character develop from being just a scared shell of a man to becoming his strongest self. I really enjoyed his character, not to mention his love interest was Detective Stabler from Law and Order SVU. Anyway, this show managed to pull me through six of these leatherette bucket backpacks in the most painless way possible. Sometimes I find it hard making the same thing over and over again but OZ made it a breeze.

To purchase the Tobi Beech Bag click here.


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