Don’t Let Minors Keep You From Being Major

Once upon a time, I quit sewing.

Not because I hated it, not because it hated me, but because I couldn’t draw. “Silly, silly child,” I say to myself whenever I think about the day I brought my sewing machine to the family storage closet and left it there for what ended up being quite a few years. This is another project runway story #SorryNotSorry

I’ve never really been the kind of person to experience any shortages in creativity, but I felt at the time that that was just the problem. I had too many ideas! I had so many dreams and aspirations and things that I wish that I could make. I felt that I wouldn’t fully reach my potential if I could not transfer those ideas from my mind to a piece of paper. I wish I could recall the contestant, but I do remember that it was an earlier season of Project runway. The contestants were sitting in a park drawing out their ideas for the next challenge they were facing and I remember that the camera zoomed in on one of the designers notebooks and I remember thinking “that is one ugly ass drawing.” Then I thought “I can make ugly ass drawings too!”  and that’s when it hit me that as long as you understand what it is that you’re looking at no one can tell you that your drawing is right or wrong. It’s so important to believe in your own vision and for a moment, I had forgotten that.

What a lesson this was and I’m happy to have gotten passed that and to this day, I sketch ugly ass drawings unapologetically.



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