Listen to the Rain

We are living in a time of constant distraction, discussion, debates, internet cancellations and dragging of people… etc. etc. and for the anxiety-prone, this can be extremely overstimulating and exhausting.

I am burnt OUT.



Although I try hard to practice self-care regularly,

(unplugging, washing my hair, drinking sleepy bear to you in the middle of the day)

I also find myself many times being totally absorbed in the social media trap or the black hole they call the Internet.

I’m a big podcast girl.

More than anything else, I am most likely to be found listening to shows on Spotify such as The Friend Zone, Dreams in Drive or my new favorite Meet the Owner.

I was listening to one of these when I realized I had heard the episode already and naturally I hit pause and got lost in Instagram for about 20 minutes. I must’ve scrolled passed something that knocked me out of the trance I was in, or maybe it was just my stomach growling.

I went to the kitchen, start boiling water and cutting the brussels sprouts I’ve been meaning to eat since I purchased them almost a week ago.IMG_8772

My refrigerator gets cold af.


Listening to the sound of the roasting vegetables and now my boiling penne, I like these noises.

I like the sound of the rain outside.

I know there’s a big ASMR craze on YouTube right now, I low-key can’t stand it. But there’s something about being in the mist of semi-silence in your own space that’s a bit intriguing.

There’s something about the sound of this continuous storm that feels centering for me. Grounding. Humbling.

I don’t think I’ve sat in silence like this in quite some time.

To be honest I think I’ve been afraid to.

I’m dealing with a lot right now.

Maybe I’ll say more at a later time.

But for now, this is OK




What do you think?

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