A Silently Loud check-in

It’s fall already,

I literally can’t believe it.

Summer is my favorite season and I always have a hard time dealing. I know that January is technically the start of the year but for me it kind of feels like September is the real deal.

Last December I did a lot of reflecting on my position with Silently Loud. Over the years I have put my passion project on the back burner or sometimes totally off the stove for other things going on in my life. I began the new year with a new attitude.

I wanted to put my business first.

I’ve more than done that now and I’m so proud of myself to be honest. I can’t say I have too many regrets. Just being able to jump in and receive so much love from the community of women I’ve now been calling my #SilentlyLoudQueens, I know that the universe has been choosing me.

One of the biggest goals I had for Silently Loud for the year was to try my hand at becoming a vendor. Nothing fancy, just find a couple poetry nights or small events around Philly. Maybe beg an event promoter to allow me to set up a table or whatever.

I popped off like Drake said,

0 to 100 real quick!

My very first opportunity to shine started at voices in power, A local reoccurring poetry night. I made $200 my very first try. Before you know it I started filling up my calendar every weekend at various places in the city. Even started getting emails people of people asking if I could come sell silently loud at their events! Straight Poppin. Being able to attend Afro punk as a vendor has been my biggest accomplishment but it’s not necessarily about the title of the events, and it’s not all about making money. I am reaching people and making them happy with my art. I create protest art, original and accessible. As women we have so much to say, and I just want to make shit I haven’t seen before and make it accessible to whoever wants to be silently loud.

I’m so proud of where we are right now. And I do mean we. I have such an awesome girl tribe around me and I wouldn’t have this type of confidence in my bread without them. I’m a lucky woman.

I don’t know what this next bit will have in store, but I just want to go hard. I making a lot of changes to how I’ve been operating and I’ve been studying and creating systems to make my work easier. Always on the grind and always hustling.

I can’t wait for the next check in.

PS. I’m hype as shit that in about a week silently loud will officially exist as it’s own entity!

We official in this jawn.


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