Dear Wild Child,

I’ve spent my entire life dancing to the music that only I can hear, speaking up when others won’t, wishing I was friends with Dorothy and Beetlejuice, and all while trying to figure out why polka-dots and stripes can’t live together.


Yeah, I just might be crazy,

or maybe I’m just myself.

2016-06-04 17.45.37-1


I want to do my part and make my contribution to the universe.

This is for the girl, or boy who recognizes that life is much better lived once you accept yourself for who you are.

Naturally, I’m a selective introvert;
but when it comes to fashion I’m an extrovert.

I write to share and release with those who can benefit from what I have to say.

You may be thinking, is it possible to be both?

I’m here to answer yes,

it’s called being
Silently Loud.

Polka-dots & Stripes,

Kristianna Denise ❤

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