A Silently Loud check-in

It’s fall already,

I literally can’t believe it.

Summer is my favorite season and I always have a hard time dealing. I know that January is technically the start of the year but for me it kind of feels like September is the real deal.

Last December I did a lot of reflecting on my position with Silently Loud. Over the years I have put my passion project on the back burner or sometimes totally off the stove for other things going on in my life. I began the new year with a new attitude.

I wanted to put my business first.

I’ve more than done that now and I’m so proud of myself to be honest. I can’t say I have too many regrets. Just being able to jump in and receive so much love from the community of women I’ve now been calling my #SilentlyLoudQueens, I know that the universe has been choosing me.

One of the biggest goals I had for Silently Loud for the year was to try my hand at becoming a vendor. Nothing fancy, just find a couple poetry nights or small events around Philly. Maybe beg an event promoter to allow me to set up a table or whatever.

I popped off like Drake said,

0 to 100 real quick!

My very first opportunity to shine started at voices in power, A local reoccurring poetry night. I made $200 my very first try. Before you know it I started filling up my calendar every weekend at various places in the city. Even started getting emails people of people asking if I could come sell silently loud at their events! Straight Poppin. Being able to attend Afro punk as a vendor has been my biggest accomplishment but it’s not necessarily about the title of the events, and it’s not all about making money. I am reaching people and making them happy with my art. I create protest art, original and accessible. As women we have so much to say, and I just want to make shit I haven’t seen before and make it accessible to whoever wants to be silently loud.

I’m so proud of where we are right now. And I do mean we. I have such an awesome girl tribe around me and I wouldn’t have this type of confidence in my bread without them. I’m a lucky woman.

I don’t know what this next bit will have in store, but I just want to go hard. I making a lot of changes to how I’ve been operating and I’ve been studying and creating systems to make my work easier. Always on the grind and always hustling.

I can’t wait for the next check in.

PS. I’m hype as shit that in about a week silently loud will officially exist as it’s own entity!

We official in this jawn.


Listen to the Rain

We are living in a time of constant distraction, discussion, debates, internet cancellations and dragging of people… etc. etc. and for the anxiety-prone, this can be extremely overstimulating and exhausting.

I am burnt OUT.



Although I try hard to practice self-care regularly,

(unplugging, washing my hair, drinking sleepy bear to you in the middle of the day)

I also find myself many times being totally absorbed in the social media trap or the black hole they call the Internet.

I’m a big podcast girl.

More than anything else, I am most likely to be found listening to shows on Spotify such as The Friend Zone, Dreams in Drive or my new favorite Meet the Owner.

I was listening to one of these when I realized I had heard the episode already and naturally I hit pause and got lost in Instagram for about 20 minutes. I must’ve scrolled passed something that knocked me out of the trance I was in, or maybe it was just my stomach growling.

I went to the kitchen, start boiling water and cutting the brussels sprouts I’ve been meaning to eat since I purchased them almost a week ago.IMG_8772

My refrigerator gets cold af.


Listening to the sound of the roasting vegetables and now my boiling penne, I like these noises.

I like the sound of the rain outside.

I know there’s a big ASMR craze on YouTube right now, I low-key can’t stand it. But there’s something about being in the mist of semi-silence in your own space that’s a bit intriguing.

There’s something about the sound of this continuous storm that feels centering for me. Grounding. Humbling.

I don’t think I’ve sat in silence like this in quite some time.

To be honest I think I’ve been afraid to.

I’m dealing with a lot right now.

Maybe I’ll say more at a later time.

But for now, this is OK



Silently Loud is Coming to AFROPUNK!


Please Support Your Girl!


Hello friends, family, and supporters of Silently Loud (my handmade and rare finds shop).

Silently Loud came to me in a daydream.
Although I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, my relationship with sewing has always been complicated. Fashion has always been my first love but life doesn’t always allow us to do what we love.
I started my first “business” when I was nine years old. 
I am now 26 and have a real business.

If you know me pretty well, then you know that every summer I make my way up to Brooklyn, NY for AfroPunk (a music festival in Commodore Park)

A good friend of mine gave me the courage to finally, finally, FINALLY sign up to be a vendor. And of all the thousands of applications they have received, I have been selected!

This is absolutely amazing and will be HUGE for Silently Loud.
Your girl is BOSSING UP.

I need your help.
This will not be a cheap or easy venture but I’m totally prepared for the challenge. Asking for donations is challenging in itself but is very necessary in order for me to be successful. Whatever you can donate will be greatly appreciated no matter how large or small.

All monies will be going towards the cost of my vending space, food, room, board, and travel.

Thank you for believing in me.


A lesson in Accountability

Most recently, I decided to join Philly Art Collective.

The idea of the group is to be able to raise and uplift local artist and give opportunities to be seen.

This is my second time working as a vendor and I did just as well as my very first time but there is a specific moment that absolutely left me shooketh.

When I got to the event I wasn’t really sure what to expect seeing as my last event totally surprised me. Once the event began to take off, some of the other artists were coming to my table to check me out. There was one girl in particular that really admired my items but said that she had no money and that she was disappointed. I politely chatted her up vip5anyway, exchanged information, and eventually, she kept moving. Later in the night, she came back with a friend who clearly had a lot of money to spend. The young lady pretty much bought some of everything on the table including two bags. I was absolutely floored and scared shitless at the idea of someone buying so many items. In a state of panic I blurted out the wrong price of one of the bags she inquired about and ended up selling it to her for almost $20 lower than I intended. The amount of sadness that came over me and also internal embarrassment is something I haven’t felt before. There’s a part of me that knows that I struggle with charging what my items are actually worth and being at the Mercy of making a sale. The idea that she would actually like some of my major items enough to have her friend buy them for her absolutely scared me to the point that I gave an unnecessary discount that she didn’t even know she was getting.

I’ve got to be more accountable to myself.

What’s the lesson in this and how can we all learn?:

Practice confidence! Yes, easier said but is soooooooo necessary.

Fake that confidence until you feel confident! I’m learning more that “fake it until you make” it isn’t just some cliché ass thing that people say just to hear the sound of their own voices. It’s actually super relevant and keeps showing itself with every new step that I take within my business.


Solution to avoid accidental undercutting:

Price tags on my items from now on!

Having an actual price tag on my handbags will not only keep me accountable to myself and keep me from cutting deals or making panic sales but will also show the confidence that I have in my work and my worth.


I’m not perfect but I’m learning.

This is an ADVENTURE.