A lesson in Accountability

Kristianna Brown

Most recently, I decided to join Philly Art Collective.

The idea of the group is to be able to raise and uplift local artist and give opportunities to be seen.

This is my second time working as a vendor and I did just as well as my very first time but there is a specific moment that absolutely left me shooketh.

When I got to the event I wasn’t really sure what to expect seeing as my last event totally surprised me. Once the event began to take off, some of the other artists were coming to my table to check me out. There was one girl in particular that really admired my items but said that she had no money and that she was disappointed. I politely chatted her up vip5anyway, exchanged information, and eventually, she kept moving. Later in the night, she came back with a friend who clearly had a lot of money to spend. The young lady pretty much bought some of everything on the table including two bags. I was absolutely floored and scared shitless at the idea of someone buying so many items. In a state of panic, I blurted out the wrong price of one of the bags she inquired about and ended up selling it to her for almost $20 lower than I intended. The amount of sadness that came over me and also internal embarrassment is something I haven’t felt before. There’s a part of me that knows that I struggle with charging what my items are actually worth and being at the Mercy of making a sale. The idea that she would actually like some of my major items enough to have her friend buy them for her absolutely scared me to the point that I gave an unnecessary discount that she didn’t even know she was getting.

I’ve got to be more accountable to myself.

What’s the lesson in this and how can we all learn?:

Practice confidence! Yes, easier said but is soooooooo necessary.

Fake that confidence until you feel confident! I’m learning more that "fake it until you make" it isn’t just some cliché ass thing that people say just to hear the sound of their own voices. It’s actually super relevant and keeps showing itself with every new step that I take within my business.


The solution to avoid accidental undercutting:

Price tags on my items from now on!

Having an actual price tag on my handbags will not only keep me accountable to myself and keep me from cutting deals or making panic sales but will also show the confidence that I have in my work and my worth.


I’m not perfect but I’m learning.

This is an ADVENTURE.

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