In times of uncertainty, we persist.

Kristianna Brown

With so much happening already I won’t add to the pile of things we are all worrying about.

Like so many other creatives, I’ve been struggling with whether or not it is even appropriate to push forward with the spring shop opening. People are out of work, including me and there’s more than enough sadness and frustration to go around.

Literally every craft show I had this season got canceled because if Philly is good at anything, we are good at gathering. It’s really been a bummer lately but I’ve been trying to stay consistent with the things that I love. I love to sew and make fun and quirky things. As a part of my own self-care, I decided to open the shop anyway. 

Now that things are up and moving I also plan to use some of my time to make masks for donations to our hospital. I’m working! 

I also just want to reiterate that because there is so much risk in moving out and about, I will be going to the post office only once a week potentially twice to send out orders. Mondays and Fridays are the days I decided to risk it all for my love of all things Silently Loud. 

Stay Healthy 


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