Silently Loud

Kristianna Brown

It feels like I've been waiting a lifetime to be able to make this post, and I realize there's just no time like the present. I like to think of myself as a girl of many hustles, seeing as I've always dabbled in a lot of different crafts, whether it be beauty related, or otherwise; I love that I have so many interests. The biggest one as of late would be my sewing. I actually come from a long line of women who sew.

2015-02-02 16.05.44My great-grandma used to sew for Maidenform in the back, back days, her daughter used to sew and also crochet these really cute bikinis that she would do in these really fun colors, and get her hustle on, while my mom actually still sews clothing for other people, and at one point in time she was considering putting herself out there anymore official way, but like myself, my mom also has many other hustles an interest that she decided to go a different way.I remember the first time my mom sat me in front of my sewing machine when I was only in the fourth grade, actually thought she was trying to punish me by forcing me to learn how to sew. Now that I'm older I think that's hilarious because I realized that she gave me this awesome gift, and I feel like I have to take advantage of that. I'm not going to lie, a couple of years back I actually put down my sewing machine, for the lamest reasons, mostly surrounding the fact that I wasn't able to translate my ideas and designs onto paper, but I always continued to tune into my favorite TV show Project Runway, and seeing as all of them have different styles even when it comes down to pen and paper, 2015-02-01 16.53.13I realized it was so silly of me to stop trying for such small reason as not being able to draw very well. At some point almost 3 years ago I found myself becoming very depressed, and I picked up sewing again to lift my spirits. I'm really glad I was able to crawl out of the funk that I was in, because I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy it. Two summers ago I was attempting to make a pair of high waisted shorts with a pair of jeans I had gotten from the 2015-02-01 16.53.22Goodwill when I had cut them too short. Instead of throwing them away I realized that they might look good in the form of the bag, and at that point, my very first bag was made. I love the idea so much of taking a pair of ordinary jeans and turning them into something that you can use every day such as a purse. I feel like I am on to something kind of fun, making handbags and purses, clutches, make up bags and things of this nature. 2015-02-02 16.06.19And I'm looking to see where this takes me. I'm not in a position yet to really be selling them, but I'd like to be able to show what it is that I'm doing. Needless to say, my blog is going in a slightly different direction, I will definitely still be doing lifestyle posts, but I will also be doing a lot more post where I show you what I'm dabbling in craft-wise. I think this'll be fun, and slightly picture heavy but I personally enjoy picture-heavy blogs. feel free to leave feedback if you see anything you like.

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