Listen to the Rain

We are living in a time of constant distraction, discussion, debates, internet cancellations and dragging of people… etc. etc. and for the anxiety-prone, this can be extremely overstimulating and exhausting.

I am burnt OUT.



Although I try hard to practice self-care regularly,

(unplugging, washing my hair, drinking sleepy bear to you in the middle of the day)

I also find myself many times being totally absorbed in the social media trap or the black hole they call the Internet.

I’m a big podcast girl.

More than anything else, I am most likely to be found listening to shows on Spotify such as The Friend Zone, Dreams in Drive or my new favorite Meet the Owner.

I was listening to one of these when I realized I had heard the episode already and naturally I hit pause and got lost in Instagram for about 20 minutes. I must’ve scrolled passed something that knocked me out of the trance I was in, or maybe it was just my stomach growling.

I went to the kitchen, start boiling water and cutting the brussels sprouts I’ve been meaning to eat since I purchased them almost a week ago.IMG_8772

My refrigerator gets cold af.


Listening to the sound of the roasting vegetables and now my boiling penne, I like these noises.

I like the sound of the rain outside.

I know there’s a big ASMR craze on YouTube right now, I low-key can’t stand it. But there’s something about being in the mist of semi-silence in your own space that’s a bit intriguing.

There’s something about the sound of this continuous storm that feels centering for me. Grounding. Humbling.

I don’t think I’ve sat in silence like this in quite some time.

To be honest I think I’ve been afraid to.

I’m dealing with a lot right now.

Maybe I’ll say more at a later time.

But for now, this is OK




Nothing on Netflix? Get Focused.


Not going to lie, I get my best sewing done while show binging on Netflix or some other Internet show watching site.I most enjoy watching crime shows and sitcoms, documentaries and anything fashion related. I recently watched iris and it was EVERYTHING, but that is definitely another post for another day.

I find that although we are literally drowning in content, there have been times I have found myself dry on shows to watch, but I’m not worried and your world shouldn’t end either.

Turn it off and get focused.

There are times during my creative process where having peace and quiet is a major key. Sometimes that means music as well. You should totally try it sometime. Unplug if you don’t necessarily need to be plugged in for your craft. Take the time to reset your thoughts and organize your ideas. In my case, tuning out not only means being at one with my thoughts, but also getting them out in a timely but meaningful manner.

Distraction is the killer time.


Start Treating Fear Like That One Family Member

Keep it 100%

We all have a family member or two that we know we could live without, but unfortunately due to genetics…

Fear is a natural part of being human, but that does not mean you have to claim it. I’ve been figuring that out for myself as I face my own insecurities surrounding my business.

I’ve been telling my fears to hit the bricks. I’m keeping  my distance.

I only acknowledge my fears on occasion.

Why? Because it’s not only healthy, but helpful.

Sometimes we don’t realize that our fears greatly influence the choices we make. So I put my fears to the back of my mind and just keep an eye on it (anyone know the reference from Always Sunny?) and in the meantime, I prefer to stay focused on my next move.




Use Your 5 Senses to Draw Inspiration From​​ Your Surroundings

Living so close to a major city, it is pretty easy to get caught in the mix of so much happening at one time. I used to walk around aimlessly as if the ideas were going to just pour into my brain.

Newsflash, it doesn’t always go down like that, and when it doesn’t I started trying to use my five senses to get the juices flowing.


1. Touch: Depending on your art of choice, considering the various textures surrounding you, check out those buildings, but cobblestone on the ground, if you’re weird like me you didn’t actually have to.


2. Taste: Get some ice cream, go and try that new food truck, I am not ashamed to admit: I’m inspired often by food!


3. Smell: Now considering I’m talking about the city, this could end up being really unpleasant but give it a go! My favorite smells come from small shops, next thing you know I’m inside networking.


4. Sight: This one’s easy. When thinking about sight I like to consider my feelings as I explore the city. Sunny days free of sunglasses help me to take in the day wholeheartedly, making me feel warm inside and out.


5. Hear: Take those earphones out and listen up! I once heard a girl complaining about what she didn’t like in a dress she was trying on and you know what I did? I went home and designed her dress for myself. The girl had style. Same can happen for you; we spend so much time browsing our playlists that we miss out on pure gold.


Give your senses a city whirl and then come back and tell me everything.


Stop Apologizing for Needing #MeTime

Listen up, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that my me time is the most major key to living my life the Kristianna way. It’s non-negotiable and I’m not here for people who can’t understand that.

Yeah a little. #SorryNotSorry

I’m a struggling social introvert and after a long day I just simply can’t, won’t, you tried it. And what’s worse is that I used to feel bad about it. I’d suffer in silence through the worst headaches, and put up with putdowns when others could not see past my irritability and my willingness to put up with it all. Girl

Girl swerve.


One thing I figured out is that people will do whatever it takes to secure them and their’s. Whatever that requires, no matter what that means or looks like to them.

Protect your space.

Protect your peace.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of you, and yours. If you need to recharge, reset, or refocus you should be able to do that,