Stop Apologizing for Needing #MeTime

Listen up, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that my me time is the most major key to living my life the Kristianna way. It’s non-negotiable and I’m not here for people who can’t understand that.

Yeah a little. #SorryNotSorry

I’m a struggling social introvert and after a long day I just simply can’t, won’t, you tried it. And what’s worse is that I used to feel bad about it. I’d suffer in silence through the worst headaches, and put up with putdowns when others could not see past my irritability and my willingness to put up with it all. Girl

Girl swerve.


One thing I figured out is that people will do whatever it takes to secure them and their’s. Whatever that requires, no matter what that means or looks like to them.

Protect your space.

Protect your peace.

There is nothing wrong with taking care of you, and yours. If you need to recharge, reset, or refocus you should be able to do that,



Long-Distance Friendships? Yes Please!


Of all the challenges life has brought to me on an interpersonal level, I feel like simply staying in touch with folks is my hardest task yet. It’s always been a personal flaw pray for me.

I’m busy.

I know that’s no excuse but I do find that with my hectic schedule, my long distance relationships are the ones most understanding. My best girlfriends all live pretty far for me especially since I don’t drive; that’s OK because it turns out we have an unspoken understanding.

longdistant friends

I only entertain hustlers in my circle, which ultimately means that they are busy too. We keep in touch and talk when we can. We schedule calls, FaceTime and send snaps on Snapchat when we can’t wait. Being friends from a distance allows me to grind guilt free and not have to warm up a situation when I’m feeling social (we all been there which is super awkward and usually obvious). Don’t do it to yourself.

Long-distance friends just get it.


10 Things I Believe


1. The Kristianna way is the only way for me.

2. People in this life are like seasons.

3. You’ll never know until you try.

4. Family first.

10 things believe

5. Music is the best medicine.

6. When in doubt pink.

7. The power of positive thought.

8. Polka-dots and stripes are a match made in heaven.

9. The power of the universe.

10. #BlackLivesMatter

Before you Abandon that DIY, Do This! (5 steps)

Wanna know a secret? Not every DIY is a success! (sorry if I’m ruining the magic for anyone)

Sometimes you glue the wrong sides together, break the zipper, you spill the paint and call it quits. Anything can be fixed with a little bit of patience if you’ve got it, but when you don’t…

1.Save the project

2.Gather or fold up all the pieces

3.Put everything in a bag

4.Write yourself a note

-what it was supposed to be

-what happened or went wrong

-what you need to finish or complete the project

  1. Sit on it. (not literally)

Sometimes a little time is all you need and leaving yourself a note helps if you let a little too much time lapse.



6 Things I Enjoyed this Summer


1. The sun: Good ole fashion vitamin D is sometimes all we really need. I find myself just trying to soak up as much as I possibly can #GoodVibesOnly


2. Rita’s Water Ice: Because DUH.


3. My Bike: I recently started riding again and it feels good. I have to admit, I am not a very active person but my goal is to keep riding until it becomes a breeze again.
4. Philadelphia: I’ll always be a Jersey girl but I love Philly. There is so much to see and do this summer and I’ve been going out much more often.


5.My Family: My mom is a teacher and everyone else is out of school for the summer. I feel like we don’t normally get to spend this much time together and I intend to stay in the moment and off of social media when I’m with my loved ones.


6. My Boo: He’s absolutely beautiful; inside and out.