About Me

Welcome to the Queendom of Silently Loud!

First order of business:
I’m Kristianna
A 20-something, badass sewist from a small town in South Jersey, now living in Philadelphia. As a child, I found sewing to quite mundane but it made my mother happy and it made her mother (my grandmother) happy and put food on the table for her mother (my great grandmother) and all those who came later.

Then one day sewing became a source of joy.
This is a gift handed down to me, and thank goodness. With time I’ve grown to love and accept this as a part of my DNA.
When my grandmother passed away in 2008, I had no doubt in my mind that she loved me. Maybe it was the collection of memories I have with her, our adventures together as a child or the photo of me she was carrying in her pocketbook. It was only after she passed away that I realized how much she had really been watching me. Weeks before her passing she handed down a ton of what most would consider to be “granny” jewelry. She noticed the kind of necklaces I was wearing and how similar they were to the vintage pieces she owned. I still wear most of these items to this day. I love vintage accessories, I love finding rare items and having items that are one of a kind. It’s my jam.

A social justice warrior pretty much my entire life, I have always had a lot to say. I also have had moments of trouble trying to say it. I’m a naturally awkward black girl with a lot of spunk.

We all have our outlets — the ways that we choose to express ourselves.

I pray that you’ve found yours.

Mine has always been fashion, and over time my relationship with sewing has truly blossomed. Even as a sewist I still have a lot of shit to say.

If you find my work to be a bit spicy,

sorry to inform you…

I am only just warming up.