Afropunk 2016 Day 2

Hey folks, 

I’m so happy to say I made it back to commodore park once again for Afropunk day 2! 

Today’s blog comes written literally from the floor of the red stage. Yes, I’m writing these very words on the ground behind VIP as I wait for Janelle Monae to take the stage. This will be my second time seeing her and I am totally hype! 

On to my outfit..
I made my very first jumpsuit y’all and I am absolutely IN LOVE. This was far from easy considering I’ve found myself to be in a huge sewing slump, I haven’t been feeling it. As a solution I decided to come join mommy’s boot camp (aka sitting in my moms sewing space so she can yell at me when I slack) I knew she would push me to get it done and I killed it! 
Check me out. 

I also decided to rock out with my black Tobi Beech bag, (which is actually the last one left unfortunately but the taupe version is still available)  it’s made from the same cloth as my jumper which is pretty dope. 
Match made in heaven. 

Let me know what you think of the jumper and feel free to reach out if you were at the show. I would love to hear from you! 

Note: Thanks for being so patient as I update the site and I apologize for the lack of posts lately. Your girl is grinding and there will be plenty of content to come.


Peace and Magic.


Afropunk 2016 Day 1

Greetings from Afropunk! 

No seriously, I’m writing this blog post as I wait in line for fried mac n cheese.[*note: the fried mac bites were everything.] As I look around, I just can’t help but think DAMN I made it down to Brooklyn, New York to be amongst my people. 

Everyone knows Afropunk is the Mecca for every awkward but original, funky, cool, creative black kid to come and just be. I love it. I’ve been dying to come for at least the past 3 years or so and this year I just felt it in my spirit that the time had come to make it happen. 

I thought it would be appropriate to bring this post considering I made most of my outfit for both days. 
For day one I created this African waxed print skirt, and tomorrow I have… Well you’ll see. *wink*
Honestly, as beautiful as my skirt is, I’m just happy I didn’t have to go naked… although I could have. *side eye* I just couldn’t pull together what I wanted for my first day out, and I went through a ton of patterns until I decided on a skirt. The first one I made was super pretty and pink and awesome but not very Afropunk. I was really upset about it. Then at the VERY last minute I turned to my stock pile and with a small prayer to the fashion gods, I created this skirt. No pattern necessary; just determination.

 I also grabbed a few pieces from the shop (which are still available for purchase) that have the same fabric. I felt like Tim Gunn honestly speaking, I’ve been making it work. Another make it work moment included my necklace today, made literally from scraps of fabric of my finished skirt.