Start Treating Fear Like That One Family Member

Keep it 100%

We all have a family member or two that we know we could live without, but unfortunately due to genetics…

Fear is a natural part of being human, but that does not mean you have to claim it. I’ve been figuring that out for myself as I face my own insecurities surrounding my business.

I’ve been telling my fears to hit the bricks. I’m keeping  my distance.

I only acknowledge my fears on occasion.

Why? Because it’s not only healthy, but helpful.

Sometimes we don’t realize that our fears greatly influence the choices we make. So I put my fears to the back of my mind and just keep an eye on it (anyone know the reference from Always Sunny?) and in the meantime, I prefer to stay focused on my next move.





Long-Distance Friendships? Yes Please!


Of all the challenges life has brought to me on an interpersonal level, I feel like simply staying in touch with folks is my hardest task yet. It’s always been a personal flaw pray for me.

I’m busy.

I know that’s no excuse but I do find that with my hectic schedule, my long distance relationships are the ones most understanding. My best girlfriends all live pretty far for me especially since I don’t drive; that’s OK because it turns out we have an unspoken understanding.

longdistant friends

I only entertain hustlers in my circle, which ultimately means that they are busy too. We keep in touch and talk when we can. We schedule calls, FaceTime and send snaps on Snapchat when we can’t wait. Being friends from a distance allows me to grind guilt free and not have to warm up a situation when I’m feeling social (we all been there which is super awkward and usually obvious). Don’t do it to yourself.

Long-distance friends just get it.


How to Revive a Friendship

One of the most important relationships a person could ever have in life, are the ones we have with friends. It’s a human thing, we need friends! Some of us try to be strong without them, but your quality of life is never better than when you’re spending time with those who care about you. As we know, life happens, we get busy and that’s OK. But what is not OK is to let your friendships slip away in the process.

What to do when you feel your friendship is ending…

1. Decide how important this particular friendship is to you. Let’s be real here, some friendships don’t necessarily need to continue. You may find yourself may in a poisonous relationship and it could be for the best if you just let it go.

2. Pinpoint the root of the problem. Although we may never want to point fingers, it is important to figure out who’s fault it is that the friendship is going south. In many cases it could be one of your own doings.

3. Confront the problem; confront your friend. Be the bigger man, and make it easy on them by expressing the distance you’re feeling, chances are they’re feeling the same way. This is usually the most awkward part because this problem could actually just be a figment of your imagination, and if it so happens to be, this could be a pretty AWKWARD situation. If this is your friend, AWKWARD or not, they will understand your concern for the relationship and respect that you were even concerned in the first place.

4. Rekindle the friendship! Make a conscious effort to clear your schedule to make time for your friend. Schedules clashing can be the death of even the best of friendships. Have coffee, go see a movie, grab a burger, and show your friend how much they mean to you.

**. If you continuously find yourself in this position. It still may be time to let this friendship go. Sometimes to avoid confrontation people don’t always say how they feel. It is important to be intuitive in these situations, because no matter how hard you try, if a person doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore, it will become more and more obvious. Don’t force it.
Above all, it is important to VALUE YOURSELF, and to value the lives of others. You are too good to chase anyone and you shouldn’t have to.

Have fun rekindling!