Use Your 5 Senses to Draw Inspiration From​​ Your Surroundings

Living so close to a major city, it is pretty easy to get caught in the mix of so much happening at one time. I used to walk around aimlessly as if the ideas were going to just pour into my brain.

Newsflash, it doesn’t always go down like that, and when it doesn’t I started trying to use my five senses to get the juices flowing.


1. Touch: Depending on your art of choice, considering the various textures surrounding you, check out those buildings, but cobblestone on the ground, if you’re weird like me you didn’t actually have to.


2. Taste: Get some ice cream, go and try that new food truck, I am not ashamed to admit: I’m inspired often by food!


3. Smell: Now considering I’m talking about the city, this could end up being really unpleasant but give it a go! My favorite smells come from small shops, next thing you know I’m inside networking.


4. Sight: This one’s easy. When thinking about sight I like to consider my feelings as I explore the city. Sunny days free of sunglasses help me to take in the day wholeheartedly, making me feel warm inside and out.


5. Hear: Take those earphones out and listen up! I once heard a girl complaining about what she didn’t like in a dress she was trying on and you know what I did? I went home and designed her dress for myself. The girl had style. Same can happen for you; we spend so much time browsing our playlists that we miss out on pure gold.


Give your senses a city whirl and then come back and tell me everything.



My Little Happy’s

I guess we can consider this pose a revisit from an old YouTube video I made many moons ago. My Little Happy’s are still relevant and I have a feeling they will be for a long time.

Definition: My Little Happy’s – hobbies, activities, or small joys throughout the day that may mean very little to someone else but everything to you.

We live in a time of got to do.

“I’ve got to do this” and “I got to do that”. But in the middle of all that don’t forget yourself. Remember to do you. Personally I have quite a lot of happy’s to lean on, some include: listening to music, drinking coffee with my favorite creamer, and sewing of course. When I’m having a rough day I just run to my little pick me ups and nothing else matters.

What are your Little Happy’s?