Use Your 5 Senses to Draw Inspiration From​​ Your Surroundings

Living so close to a major city, it is pretty easy to get caught in the mix of so much happening at one time. I used to walk around aimlessly as if the ideas were going to just pour into my brain.

Newsflash, it doesn’t always go down like that, and when it doesn’t I started trying to use my five senses to get the juices flowing.


1. Touch: Depending on your art of choice, considering the various textures surrounding you, check out those buildings, but cobblestone on the ground, if you’re weird like me you didn’t actually have to.


2. Taste: Get some ice cream, go and try that new food truck, I am not ashamed to admit: I’m inspired often by food!


3. Smell: Now considering I’m talking about the city, this could end up being really unpleasant but give it a go! My favorite smells come from small shops, next thing you know I’m inside networking.


4. Sight: This one’s easy. When thinking about sight I like to consider my feelings as I explore the city. Sunny days free of sunglasses help me to take in the day wholeheartedly, making me feel warm inside and out.


5. Hear: Take those earphones out and listen up! I once heard a girl complaining about what she didn’t like in a dress she was trying on and you know what I did? I went home and designed her dress for myself. The girl had style. Same can happen for you; we spend so much time browsing our playlists that we miss out on pure gold.


Give your senses a city whirl and then come back and tell me everything.



Before you Abandon that DIY, Do This! (5 steps)

Wanna know a secret? Not every DIY is a success! (sorry if I’m ruining the magic for anyone)

Sometimes you glue the wrong sides together, break the zipper, you spill the paint and call it quits. Anything can be fixed with a little bit of patience if you’ve got it, but when you don’t…

1.Save the project

2.Gather or fold up all the pieces

3.Put everything in a bag

4.Write yourself a note

-what it was supposed to be

-what happened or went wrong

-what you need to finish or complete the project

  1. Sit on it. (not literally)

Sometimes a little time is all you need and leaving yourself a note helps if you let a little too much time lapse.



Afropunk 2016 Day 1

Greetings from Afropunk! 

No seriously, I’m writing this blog post as I wait in line for fried mac n cheese.[*note: the fried mac bites were everything.] As I look around, I just can’t help but think DAMN I made it down to Brooklyn, New York to be amongst my people. 

Everyone knows Afropunk is the Mecca for every awkward but original, funky, cool, creative black kid to come and just be. I love it. I’ve been dying to come for at least the past 3 years or so and this year I just felt it in my spirit that the time had come to make it happen. 

I thought it would be appropriate to bring this post considering I made most of my outfit for both days. 
For day one I created this African waxed print skirt, and tomorrow I have… Well you’ll see. *wink*
Honestly, as beautiful as my skirt is, I’m just happy I didn’t have to go naked… although I could have. *side eye* I just couldn’t pull together what I wanted for my first day out, and I went through a ton of patterns until I decided on a skirt. The first one I made was super pretty and pink and awesome but not very Afropunk. I was really upset about it. Then at the VERY last minute I turned to my stock pile and with a small prayer to the fashion gods, I created this skirt. No pattern necessary; just determination.

 I also grabbed a few pieces from the shop (which are still available for purchase) that have the same fabric. I felt like Tim Gunn honestly speaking, I’ve been making it work. Another make it work moment included my necklace today, made literally from scraps of fabric of my finished skirt. 


Sew With Me On Hiatus (a shocker… literally)

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to drop in with a quick post regarding my sewing videos.

Unfortunately, I have to take what will hopefully be a small break because I just can’t seem to get the hang of my filming space and I was recently electrocuted while trying to figure it out.


I’m not gonna lie, this has been very frustrating for me. I feel like I’m constantly starting a new series on my YouTube channel and then flaking. I have too many projects and ideas to share, and I will once I can pull my space together.

Moving forward,

I have been working on new content for the blog this fall, as well as sketches for the shop and I do look forward to sharing soon.

Hope you all are getting the most out of your summer!

I know I am.

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What My Day Job Teaches Me About My Business

Like many creative entrepreneurs, I am not yet in a position to make a living solely on my creations. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in my case because I feel this gives me breathing room for mistakes and risks.

I work at an office in the daytime, handling receptions and communications. I am surrounded by people who are fighting for workers rights. I’ve learned a lot in my time there but I think the most important thing I have learned is that at which point I am able to expand and maybe have a functioning staff, I want the people who work for me to feel that they are being treated with respect and the dignity they deserve. I want to be able to give out living wages that people can really bank on.

I will be no one’s slum boss.

I want to build a brand where the people will feel like family and can feel safe in each other’s company. I want a lot of things that I didn’t always know I wanted.

When you know better, you should do better.