Start Treating Fear Like That One Family Member

Keep it 100%

We all have a family member or two that we know we could live without, but unfortunately due to genetics…

Fear is a natural part of being human, but that does not mean you have to claim it. I’ve been figuring that out for myself as I face my own insecurities surrounding my business.

I’ve been telling my fears to hit the bricks. I’m keeping  my distance.

I only acknowledge my fears on occasion.

Why? Because it’s not only healthy, but helpful.

Sometimes we don’t realize that our fears greatly influence the choices we make. So I put my fears to the back of my mind and just keep an eye on it (anyone know the reference from Always Sunny?) and in the meantime, I prefer to stay focused on my next move.





Dear Loved Ones, No You Can’t Have a Discount

They say the best things in life are free but I’ll tell you what’s not:

My blood.

My sweat.

My tears.

My shop.

MESSAGE: People only understand the value of time and money when it directly affects them. Don’t take it personally, but do tell these freeloaders no!


No, you may not get “the hookup” on my work after I’ve spent my hard-earned money to make it do what it do.

No, you may not get a percentage off just because you know me, and you damn sure can’t have anything for free unless you plan to put in some work promotionally. This was really hard for me at first but as I’m coming into my brand it’s definitely been necessary.

In the beginning, I gave out so much free stuff just looking for exposure which isn’t always a bad thing if there’s a mutual agreement (future post for sure). When I look back on how much I’ve spent and how much I’ve given away, it’s absolutely embarrassing and it’s because I was giving folks the hookup.

I’m begging you DO NOT DO IT.

Especially if you know you can afford it. If you’re reading this and you actually know me, don’t be upset.

Next time pay me.

The best support in this game is monetary.


WHAT’S NEW: Preparing Silently Loud Spring

Your girl is a busy bee, navigating the hive of life to the best of my ability. With that I have to plan accordingly. There will always be something worth your while in my shop although I add new items seasonally. Winter and spring preparations are happening as you are reading this! I’ve got a lot of new, funky, and fresh designs that I can’t wait to share but it works better (as a one-of-a-kind shop) to stack my product and release everything all at once. As a creative it takes the rush out of my work, it also allows me to double check my products (is this working, flowing with my aesthetic, etc.) as my work is a reflection of me. The next couple of months I can be best found in what’s called hustle mode.

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Brace yourselves, the best is yet to come.

Make Space for Your Passion (Literally)

A little over a year ago I was living on my own, still working out the bits and pieces of Silently Loud in the dark corners of my mind. I’ve lived in a lot of places in my life and no matter where my head has landed, I’ve always made the effort to find a space for my sewing machine.

When I found myself living back home, it wasn’t so easy. After the last time I moved out, my parents decided to downsize their home. Moving back meant sharing a room with my sister. Once me and my sister settled in (to what was formally my brothers room)I realized there wasn’t much room left to set up shop. I am an artist to the core which means I need a space to create. Not wanting to disrupt the flow the house with my return, I turned to one of the most underused areas of our home, the basement. I took a trip to Walmart to purchase a long table, extension cord, a rug and a comfy chair and BOOM instant studio! (How awesome is this chair!!)


I say all this because as humans we are very prone to make excuses for why we are not doing what we want to be doing. If your heart is set on doing something, don’t let the minor details discourage you; take a step back, assess the situation, and FIGURE IT OUT. Make what you have or don’t have work for you.

Get started.

Empower Your Sister; Empower Yourself.

Being a woman on the grind in 2015 has been far from easy.

We live in a culture that says we must be selfish in order to become successful. We also live in a culture that encourages us to not stand up for our fellow woman also on her grind; some of us even go as far as stepping on her to get to the top. Simple daily words of positivity can make such a difference, empower your sister to be great, to be her absolute best. We’re all simply just trying to make it so why not encourage one another?

Untitled 1


1. Encourage your sister because she needs it. It is tough out there, and the competition is fierce. Think about your worst day, and think about how much better that day could have been if only you had a shoulder to lean on. Be that shoulder for someone who needs it. Many times we would rather watch a person drown, crackle and crumble under the pressures of life than to be that life saver or safety net. Ask yourself why. I’ll be the first to tell you, it stems from envy, or jealousy. I’ll tell you something else, it is possible to be that voice of empowerment even to your worst enemy (may she be her best self when you win). Everyone needs reassurance from time to time, it’s free and it doesn’t bite. Try giving a compliment.

2. Encourage your sister because you need it. Words of kindness and positivity not only can be good for those in which you speak to, but can also be good for you. When you do good, you feel good. We all know how contagious negativity can be, and although positivity takes a little longer; the more you continue to spread positivity, the more natural it will be. When those you have uplifted are thinking positive and feeling confident, it rubs off on all those surrounding them. When we are feeling positive, we are better in the work we do. Get out there and share that positive energy!

3. Encourage your sister because the team needs it. How many more years are we going to spend having the same conversation? Women have been stabbing at the backs of other women for centuries. I think it’s time for a change. Sexism is alive and spreading like wildfire because women are not sticking together and standing in support of one another the way we always should have. Let’s be leaders and teach those around us a new way to do things. Let’s teach the younger generations to be kind and to stick together when it counts. Let us not be jealous of our sister, but be proud of her. Let us uplift our female hustlers and uplift ourselves in the process.

Before you know it, we’ve created a new culture.