Afropunk 2016 Day 1

Greetings from Afropunk! 

No seriously, I’m writing this blog post as I wait in line for fried mac n cheese.[*note: the fried mac bites were everything.] As I look around, I just can’t help but think DAMN I made it down to Brooklyn, New York to be amongst my people. 

Everyone knows Afropunk is the Mecca for every awkward but original, funky, cool, creative black kid to come and just be. I love it. I’ve been dying to come for at least the past 3 years or so and this year I just felt it in my spirit that the time had come to make it happen. 

I thought it would be appropriate to bring this post considering I made most of my outfit for both days. 
For day one I created this African waxed print skirt, and tomorrow I have… Well you’ll see. *wink*
Honestly, as beautiful as my skirt is, I’m just happy I didn’t have to go naked… although I could have. *side eye* I just couldn’t pull together what I wanted for my first day out, and I went through a ton of patterns until I decided on a skirt. The first one I made was super pretty and pink and awesome but not very Afropunk. I was really upset about it. Then at the VERY last minute I turned to my stock pile and with a small prayer to the fashion gods, I created this skirt. No pattern necessary; just determination.

 I also grabbed a few pieces from the shop (which are still available for purchase) that have the same fabric. I felt like Tim Gunn honestly speaking, I’ve been making it work. Another make it work moment included my necklace today, made literally from scraps of fabric of my finished skirt. 



My Sewing Must-Have’s

Everyone has a flow or an artistic process when creating. When I sit down to sew, I could easily be at my machine from what might start as an hour to an entire day. It’s important for me to be comfortable, ย of course I won’t die without these items but they definitely help.
Here are my sewing must-have’s:
1. Seam Ripper My seam ripper and I have a love-hate relationship. I suppose there is a bigger lesson to be learned because I absolutely hate to go back on my commitments. When I sew I commit to every stitch I make and it can be quite the disappointment when I have to pull something apart. I try my hardest to pay attention to what I’m doing but on that rare occasion I’ve sewn the wrong pieces together, or some other wacky mistake I’m glad I have my seam ripper to bail me out.

2. Thimble Lawddddd, when I say there is no pain worse than piercing your finger in the same spot over and over again believe me! I used to think the thimble was for little old ladies and boy was I WRONG. Although there is nothing wrong with little old ladies, I quickly learned the beauty of not getting blood all over my projects is the key to success. *DJ Khaled voice* This is definitely a tiny investment that pays off.

3. Baby Screwdriver Every new so machine comes with a mini care kit; PROTECT IT WITH YOUR LIFE. Seriously, you never know when you have to pull your entire machine apart to fix something or shut down the dust bunny meeting taking place inside. If you’re new to sewing, many things will be trial and error and when there’s trial, error and oh crap, you’ll be ready.
4. Netflix/Hulu Let’s be real here, sitting at a sewing machineย for hours on end can get pretty mind-numbing. Instead of Netflix and chill, I Netflix and so my butt off. When I’m not show binging on Netflix I like to watch current shows on Hulu, Grey’s Anatomy, South Park and General Hospital are my top faves.
5. Patience Pray for me. It’s the only thing that keeps my sewing machine from flying out of the window. I am a work in progress with learning to keep cool calm and collected when I’m creating but I’m working on it. It’s important to know when to take a deep breath and keep going and when to give it a break, I find that tea helps this process along ๐Ÿ™‚
What are your creative process must-have’s?